Positive song gives Yeshwa career boost

April 11, 2017

During the first three months of 2017 when domestic violence cases were prevalent, recording artiste Yeshwa released the song 'Cut Her Loose', in which he urged persons to walk away from abusive relationships.

The song gained relatively good feedback. Yeshwa told THE STAR that since its release, he has seen a spike in bookings.

"I have been on quite a few shows since then, and things don't look like they will be slowing down soon. I just came off the RJRGleaner Cross Country tour and I have been booked for the Curry Fest in Westmoreland later this month. A lot of things are happening, and I'm grateful," he said.

The entertainer also revealed that he has also been receiving calls from producers who want to work with him.

"My music is not explicit. It's just nice music with positive messages that everyone can listen to and appreciate," he said.


Positivity is key


"Positivity is key, so if you are an artiste whose music is pushing that, stick to it because there is a market out there for it, and there are still producers who want to put out that kind of music."

Yeshwa said that Alkaline and Popcaan are two of the artistes he would like to work with in the near future.

"I am an artiste who is very versatile, and I like to showcase that, and so I would like to work with artistes who are versatile as well. I just want to do good music that can reach people everywhere, not just in Jamaica."

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