‘Caan lock off the dance’ - Mayor wants to amend Noise Abatement Act

April 12, 2017
Selector Tony Matterhorn entertains the massive crowd that turned out for Passa Passa that was held on Spanish Town Road in Kingston in 2004.
A section of the crowd at Sherlock Family All-White Boat Ride at 3B Port Royal Street in downtown Kingston in January.
Mayor of Kingston, Senator Delroy Williams.

Mayor of Kingston Senator Delroy Williams has vowed to put some new energy into getting the lock off time for entertainment events across the Corporate Area extended.

In a recent interview with THE STAR, the mayor said that the extension is a work in progress, and is part of his team’s plan to make Kingston the entertainment capital of the Caribbean.

"We know the importance of entertainment to the economic life of the city, and we value its contribution to the city’s growth and development,” he said.

"The city is my focus, and we know that this is something that people within the industry have been wanting for a long time, and we want to reassure them that it has not been forgotten.”

Williams, however, said that the final decision on the extension time has been slow in coming because there are many steps to move things from ideas into policies.

“There are other agencies and other ministries involved in terms of the policy and moving things forward, but it’s discussions that we have had and we are definitely looking at getting things moving as soon as possible,” he said. 

He went on to state that when the decision is finally made to extend the lock off time, rules will be put in place to ensure that ordinary citizens are not put at a disadvantage by the extension time.

“We would have to establish entertainment zones where persons can host their events. Areas where people will not be affected by the music or the party environment,” he explained. “We have to make sure the policies work in everyone’s best interest because people not attending these events want to enjoy the comforts of their homes, and they deserve to relax or sleep in their beds undisturbed. If we go that route we have to make sure we are not depriving others.”


Williams also noted that he has also made it a priority of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation to meet with event promoters and entertainers to discuss ways in which they can make entertainment events safer for patrons.

Following recent mishaps at several major events across the corporate area, the mayor says he has a vested interest in ensuring the safety of the citizens of Kingston, and will have regular meetings with promoters of major events to work out certain logistics to prevent major incidents at events.

“The city is my focus and we have an interest in protecting lives, particularly at big entertainment events, and so we need to assess the management of entertainment events on a whole,” Williams told THE STAR. 

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