Brazil on BRT Weekend radar

April 15, 2017
BRT Weekend xtreme wet n wild (day two) morning B
Popcaan performs at the BRT Weekend party in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

The first leg of the Beach Road Trip (BRT) Weekend concluded in the Dominican Republic earlier this month, and now the organisers are eyeing Brazil as a possible stop.

Hans Mullings, BRT's conceptualiser, told excited BRT patrons that while he has not ironed out all the details, he intends to take the weekend to Brazil. The concept behind BRT Weekend is to have patrons party where they vacation.

While pointing out that the execution of the Dominican leg of the 2017 BRT tour was not without its fair share of setbacks, Mullings expressed satisfaction at his team's ability to stage the event.

"When we started out, so many people told us that it wouldn't work," he said. "We had so many negative energy thrown our way but we persevered and we made it to the beautiful island of Dominican Republic, and things will only get better as we plan to take BRT to Brazil in 2018," he said.

Patrons seemed to welcome the idea, many vowing to follow the party to whichever destination.

Melissa Pinnock, a college student from New York, told THE STAR that she became a BRT supporter last year and will continue to support the event as long as she is able to.

"I am all for going to Brazil for BRT. I enjoyed myself last year in the US and was so excited when they announced they would be adding the Dom Republic as one of their stops," she said.

"I appreciate the idea of a party weekend, and I especially like the idea of travelling to a beautiful resort island to enjoy that experience."

The 2017 tour of the BRT Weekend continues in May when Mullings and his team make a stop in California, USA.

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