Epic fail - Macka Diamond blasts critics for trying to start beef with Shenseea

April 19, 2017
Macka Diamond


Macka Diamond has labelled efforts to start up controversy between her and fast-rising dancehall artiste Shenseea as an 'epic fail'.

In an interview with THE STAR, the veteran entertainer said she has reached out to Romeich, head of Shenseea's management team, and is happy that despite efforts to sabotage the relationship between her and the young entertainer, her team (Shenseea's team) understands that her (Macka Diamond's) comments were made with good intentions.


Auto tune


"I don't have any link to her (Shenseea), but I have reached out to Romeich and he was like, 'don't worry yourself Macka. We understand what you meant and it's all good," she said. "I am not familiar with Shenseea like that, so her management was the best way to go in addressing it and he was good about it."

The controversy started last week following Macka Diamond's interview with Winford Williams on Onstage where she commended Shenseea for her efforts while adding that "the auto tune sound good on her voice."

But Macka Diamond said she was shocked when she saw how people misinterpreted her statements about Shenseea, especially because she has always voiced her support for up and coming female talent.

"A lot of people had it wrong. They didn't get to see the entire interview. You have some culprits who were trying to make me look bad because they didn't focus on the part where I was saying I really like her, but they jump on the part where I talked about this auto tune thing and saying that I was shading her," Macka Diamond explained.

The Money Oh singer also said that she believes some Jamaicans have been hard on Shenseea, but need to give the young deejay time to hone her craft, as the biggest dancehall stars today were once in Shenseea's shoes.

"People out there saying she's not ready for dancehall, but many of us have gone through that phase. I was once there when people thought that I didn't command the stage enough and that I wasn't ready for the dancehall yet especially stage shows," Macka Diamond said, adding that Shenseea will eventually improve.

Now, all seems to be OK between Macka Diamond, Romeich and Shenseea. After coming out to address the issue on social media, Romeich commented on Macka Diamond's video stating that there was no love lost following the interview.

"Them cant make me hate you. I know you mean good," a part of the comment read. "Don't worry. A nuh you a the problem, so no hate here," it continued.

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