No wining for cops - Lawmen could be punished for 'wukking up' during road march

April 19, 2017
Revellers dancing up a storm during the Bacchanal Jamaica road march last year.

As Carnival Sunday inches closer, the police have issued a warning to revellers to desist from gyrating on officers who are on duty.

Head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force's (JCF) Corporate Communications Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, told THE STAR that while she understands that carnival is a space for persons to let loose and enjoy themselves, she wants the public to realise that officers are not there to engage in the festivities.

"Most times when you hear of occasions involving patrons and police at carnival, it's not the police who are dancing but people dancing on them. That is not what they are there for," she said.

"People who go to carnival, especially when they come from different countries, they tend to get carried away, but our officers have been briefed to exercise sound judgement. They have been warned not to engage in any activities that will mar the JCF and the event on a whole."

Even as she warned patrons, she also sought to remind officers who will be on the road during this Sunday's road march that they have to carry out their duties in a manner that is in keeping with the JCF's code of conduct.

"The officers have a general briefing of what is expected of them on the road at any event and the carnival duty is no different. They have been trained and some of them have been doing carnival for quite some time now so they are aware of how to behave" Lindsay said.


You are working


"Of course, you cannot control how people are going to behave, but law enforcers have been taught to assess each situation as it arises. Ask patrons not to dance on you because you are working. Do it in a manner that is respectful and understand that this type of behaviour at carnival should be expected."

Well aware that there may be instances when proper protocol will be disobeyed, Lindsay said that any officer who decides to behave in a manner that is unbecoming of an on-duty law enforcer should be prepared to face the consequences.

"We have code governing the wearing of the uniform and what is expected of you when you are on duty. So any officer that goes and does something that runs contrary to those rules in a manner that brings the reputation of the JCF in disrepute will be punished," she explained.

"It can be anywhere from a warning to termination depending on one's actions. Just because it's carnival doesn't mean the laws will be relaxed. We will still be enforcing the law to the full extent for everyone officers and patrons alike."

Lindsay also revealed that as a result of the road marches this Sunday, regular traffic routes are expected to be disrupted. Re-routing is set to take place, but according to Lindsay, the details of the new routes for vehicular traffic are still being discussed and should be made available to the public later this week.

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