Clymaxx takes aim at Vanessa Bling

April 20, 2017
Vanessa Bling

Dancehall artiste Clymaxx says she is prepared to face any backlash that could come from taking jabs at fellow entertainer, Vanessa Bling, also known as Gaza Slim.

The Magnum Kings and Queen of Dancehall 2016 winner told THE STAR that while she plans to capitalise on all the attention she will receive from the feud, she did not intentionally pick a 'war' with Vanessa Bling.

The young entertainer said she felt disrespected by the Future Guaranteed singer after the two had a falling out at a recent talent show.

According to Clymaxx, both she and Bling were invited to be judges at a talent competition and everything was going fine until a winner was to be decided on, and Bling's pick was not the last one standing.

"The other judges were leaning towards my pick and she got upset. She started creating one excitement, talking about she knows talent. She was basically talking like she a di only one who know talent and di rest a we just a take up space," she said.

"Anyways me never pay her no mind. We were both scheduled to perform at that event also, and when she touch the stage she go up deh go seh she a di baddest thing and di sickest thing around, and everybody done know a my slang dat. So, she go deh a indirectly throw shade and me just pick it up from deh so."




Clymaxx says that while she could have chosen to ignore the comment, she didn't because she understands that as a dancehall artiste controversy is a good marketing tool one she could use to her advantage. She said she will not be fazed by persons who will label her as attention-hungry.

"Mi definitely understand seh the controversy good, but that's not the main reason why mi start with the verbal onslaught," she said. "She just feel like seh she is a bigger artiste than me so she reach, but she a nuh di baddest thing and she nuh deh no where near dat. If she bad, she need fi come out and address me directly and stop post up indirect messages in videos."

In the same breath, Clymaxx also sought to clear up rumours that her babyfather, Masicka, was the reason both entertainers were at loggerheads.

"Mi hear seh we a fight over Masicka, but that is not true. Me nuh know if she and Masicka did deh, that nuh concern me because me and Masicka lef years ago," she said. "I don't know why people keep bringing him up when it comes to me. Maybe is because dem just find out seh a mi babyfather and mi new pan di scene. But people fail fi understand seh mi and Masicka thing was a long time thing."

A few days ago Bling posted a video to her Instagram page where she seemingly addressed the issue. No reference was made to Clymaxx but fans speculated the post was aimed at her. THE STAR sought to get a comment from Vanessa Bling but was unsuccessful.

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