Freaky parties on the rise - Promoters blur line between sex and entertainment

April 21, 2017
Garfield 'Bad Boy Trevor' Reid
A dancer shows her pole dancing skills.

Some event promoters are sold on the idea that a high demand of sex or 'creativity', as some may put it, is the way to turn over profit and distinguish one's entertainment event from other offerings in the market.

This weekend, for example, a sex party is being staged in Kingston.

"Come and enjoy yuhself ... and find a girl f ...," the promoter told THE WEEKEND STAR,

This is the second staging for this party, and according to the promoter, based on the success of the first staging last August, there had to be another.

"Honestly speaking, there is more money on this type of party. People will come out more and spend dem money on this type of party," he said.

When asked by THE WEEKEND STAR if females were being exploited, he said, "No!"

"Not really, enuh because sex is entertainment. You have go-go club, so is practically the same thing," the promoter said.


More mainstream today


"You attend the party, and if you want to take part in dem thing deh, we have a different section for that. A nuh everybody a guh want inna dat. Some people a go just want to support. Who want get wild and do what have you, feel free as well. Everybody have dem privacy."

But according to sexologist Shelly-Ann Weeks, sex has always been served up as entertainment. However, she said it is more mainstream today.

"Usually, what would happen is that people have these types of gathering at their home and they would invite people that they already know, so it's within a social group with people who are familiar with each other on some kind of level. It's not something that requires advertising, so you won't find complete strangers having to interact," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Weeks believes information and access are some of the factors that propel sexual entertainment into the mainstream.

"We are a lot more open now, and the Internet helps with that. Everybody has a smartphone that they can literally just go online and see what they want to see. We got here because of exposure. People see things, and it gets them curious and they want to try it. People are a lot more open now than they were 20 years ago. A lot of things sexually existed long time in Jamaica, it's just that now we are talking about it," she said.


Sexual overtone


Meanwhile, self-proclaimed 'captain freak' Garfield 'Bad Boy Trevor' Reid, who hosted an erotic party in December, will be hosting a pole dancing and bikini body competition later this month. Despite promoting freaky events in the past, he insists entertainment events can have a sexual overtone and still be clean.

"It (pole dancing competition) has nothing to do with go-go or anything like that. It is girls vying for $100,000. I would rate this event as clean and comfortable. I am trying to take the stigma out of go-go dancing to pole dancers," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Pole dancing in America is a craft. People go to school to learn. They do a lot of competitions across America. The only place I haven't seen them do it is the Caribbean. What I am trying to show is that it can be done on a level accepted by everybody, even by kids."

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