Poverty is big-money business for upper class, says Hit Dan

April 21, 2017
Hit Dan

Recording artiste Hit Dan has released a single titled 'Good Life' which he hopes will motivate youngsters to strive for excellence.

According to the artiste, he is tired of seeing Jamaican youth in rural and inner-city areas suffer from poverty.

He blames the rise in criminal activities and teenage pregnancy on systematic failures and hopes Good Life will be a record of upliftment.

"I want to emphasise social mobility among the youth because as a youth, I see the pressures we endure and it is not easy to go through daily without being tempted to pick up the gun," he said. "I just want them to know that there is another way out. It might take longer, but you might also live longer taking that route. So make up your mind," he said.

The artiste also blames social stratification for the state of the island.




"In Jamaica, poverty is big business and right now it is far too widespread. Things and times have been changing. The political policies being implemented are short-term patches of hypocrisy and this generally plunges a hole deeper in the life of the have-nots. It sinks us further in financial desolation and the wealth is gleefully distributed at the peak of the societal strata, at the expense of the lower and middle classes," he said.

The artiste also wants Jamaicans to educate themselves since education can facilitate mobility in society. He, however, cautioned that while education is a gateway to a better world, it does not guarantee employment in Jamaica.

"Take every educational opportunity with both hands during the school years to lay a functional foundation. But be careful not to study to apply for a job. Instead, educate yourself to be entrepreneurs and aim for careers," he said.

Good Life was produced by Neutron Obliv for Time Unit Music and is being distributed by Hapilos Entertainment.

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