Kamahli-G Productions takes aim at music industry

May 06, 2017

Music labels abundantly saturate the dancehall and reggae music space, but young producer Kamahl Green is of the view that music composers need to be realistic about the current and evolving state of the music industry.

According to Green, who was born in Grange Hill, Westmoreland, but now resides in New York, having studied the science of music over time, he is now armed with the formula to deliver from his label, Kamahli-G Productions.

"The game has changed and you have to be more than a producer nowadays," he said. Green is set to release his project, Greatness rhythm, later this month. The compilation features songs from Bugle, I-Octane and Zagga.

Kamahli-G Productions is also the mastermind behind the 'Rich Rave' rhythm that features Chi Ching with Rave All Day.

The 27-year-old Green has been around music all his life, however, it wasn't until his high school days in 2006 that he ventured into production.

"I used to make beats with my friends. My dad and brothers had a sound system called A.K, so growing up, I have been really passionate about music and I am the inspiration behind Kamahli-G Productions," Green said.

He told THE STAR that he also ventured into promotion, after finding success in that area, understanding what patrons desired in music, he formed his own music label.

"In 2009, me and my bigger brothers formed a promotion company called Overdose. We continued to keep dances and stage shows up to 2015, working with various artistes like Chi Chi Ching, Potential Kid, and Kalado," Green said.

The young producer says he knows Jamaica is the Mecca for dancehall and reggae music, so he has been travelling between Jamaica and the United States to handle business and create an impact upon the release of his projects.

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