Artistes urged to invest in themselves if labels wont

May 10, 2017
Smokie Benz (left) and Anthony Seasoning.

Since it appears that major record labels have relatively abandoned the local reggae music industry, recording artiste Anthony Seasoning is encouraging artistes to make better music and invest in their own product.

The artiste believes Jamaican music lacks international publicity, marketing and management, and has opted for the do-it-yourself approach by investing the profits from his day job, working at a gold mine in Suriname, towards his music career.

"The industry needs investors, dem kinda back down. Back in the day, you have Universal, Sony and others who would sign reggae artistes. The fans are bawling about the auto-sound thing. The labels nah get the artistes who they need, they sound one way in the studio and another way live. So the label cannot recoup their money, long term, off concerts and shows. Right now, it's either you get an investor or do it yourself," he said.

Anthony Seasoning and fellow reggae artiste Smokie Benz recently filmed a video for a new single called Marijuana.




He believes the record has the potential to give reggae music another run in the mainstream, provided that investors come on board.

"I think that is the major reason the investors back down, they aren't seeing the artistes who they can really make money with. For instance, when you see the artistes live, you can't feel them. People not buying that, the fans need the authentic vibe, and the labels need long-term earners. This song just needs the right backing and I know it can hit major charts," he said.

Seasoning and Smokie Benz have already started a leg of their promotion tour in Europe for Marijuana with the intent of breaking into bigger fan bases.

"OMI did it with Cheerleader and sold millions. The labels are not coming to Jamaica, so we have to go in the world and get it because the people are there waiting for the content," said Smokie Benz.

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