Yaadie vs foreigner in Boom sound clash tonight

May 11, 2017
Bass Odyssey
Desem from YardBeat entertains the crowd at a staging of Boom All-Star Sound Clash.

After approximately 10 weeks of intense competition, the Boom All-Star Sound Clash is expected to come to an exciting climax tonight.

As local sound Bass Odyssey and Japan's YardBeat get ready to go head to head, the finale set for the Cling Cling Oval on Olympic Way is gearing up to be a battle of epic proportions.

Kimberly Lawson, Boom marketing manager, encouraged music lovers to come out to witness the lyrical onslaught.

"As you can imagine this is the most anticipated night of the entire show and it is even more exciting because the battle has come down to a 'yaadie vs foreigner' showdown," she said. "Fans have begun to take sides and both finalists are prepared to give it their best. It has been a most exciting journey and Boom has been more than happy as a brand to be a part of such a show."

She pointed out that both finalists put tremendous effort into their sets each week and deserve to compete to be the last sound system standing.

"The Japanese are serious and have been serious about this competition from the beginning. It has been amazing to see just how much they have grasped the dancehall culture and they manage week after week to execute their sets in a very entertaining way. They have definitely won the hearts of many Jamaicans," she said. "Bass Odyssey has been in the business for a number of years and their experience and professionalism have definitely stood out in the competition. They are going to be coming hard and the decision is not going to be easy."


Sound system culture


Having watched the progress of the competition over the past two months, Lawson expressed joy at being able to breathe more life into the sound system culture, which is by no means dying.

"Sound systems will be part of the Jamaican culture for a very long time. I do not believe that the sound system culture in Jamaica is dying because I have seen first-hand that it is very much alive," she said. "Sound systems are a vibrant part of what keeps our culture alive and that is why Boom decided to be part of this show. We will continue to support this event and events like these because we are a brand that's all about supporting the Jamaican culture and we have always had good synergy with everything dancehall."

The winning sound will walk away with the J$1 million in cash. The show gets under way at 10 p.m. and will also be streamed live on the Boom Energy Drink Facebook page.

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