Alkaline finds fashion formula - deejay to showcase line at CFW

May 12, 2017
Kingsley Cooper

Dancehall artiste Alkaline is expected to make his fashion debut next month at this year's staging of Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW).

The announcement comes as Pulse Investments Limited, the machine behind the event, finetunes plans for the latest installment of one of the most anticipated fashion weeks in the Caribbean.

Kingsley Cooper, told THE WEEKEND STAR that it would be the first time CFW will be having a hardcore dancehall artiste showcasing at the high-fashion event, but described the unusual partnership as a 'perfect fit'.

"We have had dancehall acts perform before, but no one showing a collection, or quite as hardcore as Alkaline," he explained. "We're always looking to be fresh and innovative and so we have been toying with an urban CFW night for some time. Showing Alkaline's collection is the perfect opportunity to do all three."

Cooper went on to state that Alkaline's involvement in this year's fashion event should send a strong message to other entertainers to think beyond just music.

"He is himself one of our most innovative dancehall-urban artistes, with his own unique style. They (Alkaline's team) love it (the idea of being a part of CFW). It's a creative way to expand his brand as well as his business lines," Cooper said.




"This is a clear message indicating that the business of music requires capitalising on all the related product opportunities, as a means of expanding business and increasing the presence and power of the brand."

While the 'Vendetta Boss' is not expected to perform during the week, the Pulse team say they are prepared to handle anything should there be any changes regarding his involvement in CFW 2017.

"We are confirming a fashion presentation, not a concert performance. However, we are always prepared to handle whatever is the logical result of our actions," Cooper said.

Alkaline is expected to debut his urban wear collection, a line of clothing that includes hoodies and jackets. His line is expected to be on display on Friday, June 9.

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