Popcaan still enjoying 'Good Times' - song featured in new Coca-Cola ad

May 12, 2017

Dancehall artiste Popcaan continues to ride the wave of success as doors keep opening on the international scene for the Jamaican deejay.

Following news last month that the 'Unruly Boss' was featured on the new album for virtual British band Gorillaz, the entertainer's work has once again been highlighted on massive levels.

The dancehall artiste's 2015 collaborative single, Good Times, produced by Englishman DJ Jamie XX and which features American rapper Young Thug, has been picked up by Coca-Cola for their latest commercial.

The song is the soundtrack in the introductory video for the soft drink company's 2017 'Share a Coke' summer campaign, which was launched on Tuesday.

Good Times is featured on Jamie XX's independently produced album In Colour, and the track enjoyed huge success after its release.

Good Times was named one of the best songs for 2015 out of a list of 10 songs by Billboard Magazine and was one of the biggest hits on the international market for a local artiste for that year.




However, at the height of the song's popularity and success, Popcaan told interviewers overseas that he was not certain if he wanted to do the collaboration with Young Thug because he felt like the American artiste was ''shaky''.

The deejay is, perhaps, singing a different tune today as the song continues to reap success two years after its release. THE WEEKEND STAR sought to get a comment from the entertainer regarding the song's latest success but was unable to do so.

Despite not being able to travel to the US because of visa issues, the artiste has still managed to penetrate the lucrative market, landing huge collaborations and various commercials with big corporate companies.

In October 2016, the artiste made local headlines after his vocals were featured in the official ad for Michael Jordan's OVO-inspired clothing line.

The ad premiered on Michael Jordan's official Instagram page, which carries 9.5 million followers, and featured a motorcyclist dressed in the new OVO Air Jordan 12 Retro and Apparel Collection, while Popcaan's music could be heard in the background.

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