Selector celebrates playing 'Equal Rights'

May 16, 2017
Trophy Sniper

Dancehall selector Trophy Snipa took a big chance by being one of the first selectors to publicly endorse Ishawna's controversial single, 'Equal Rights', last week.

"I am the first selector to play Equal Rights at Wuk Fa Thursdays inna the heights of the controversy and shake up the place. Mi give it the sickest introduction, and the place flatten," he said.

He introduced the song by saying: "Big up all the freaky gal dem. Remember seh we as badman selector nuh go down, so go down and go find unuh freaky man."

Ishawna shared the video of Trophy Snipa playing the song to several 'forwards' and cheers from the females at the party on her social media pages, where it was shared thousands of times.

"From mi drop the song and a play it, mi nuh get no negative feedback. The video kick weh Ishawna page. Mi hear several selectors a seh dem nah play it, but mi play it inna one way where it caan flash back negative pon me. Other people like Noah from the US try it, and the people dem beat him bad," he said, laughing.

Trophy Snipa, whose real name is Dewayne Robinson, hails from Montego Bay, and is best known for winning a clash with Pink Panther and Pieces a few years ago. He is a resident selector at the popular Wuk Fa Thursdays event on Strand Street in Montego Bay, St James.

"Ishawna song buss all over the world, so even though some selectors nah play it, especially those inna town, dem muss know why dem conscience nah set dem free and why dem caan play the girl's song," he said.

Inexperienced selector Big Boom tried a similar stunt by playing the controversial song during the recently concluded Boom sound clash last Thursday night. However, her attempt was received with strong boos from the audience.

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