Bounty threatens to 'rush' Ishawna - Deejay insists singer can't perform 'Equal Rights' at upcoming show

May 19, 2017
Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer

The Errol Flynn Marina in Portland is expected to heat up on Labour Day at the B.F.F Bikini Fish Floss stage show. This, after a post made by Bounty Killer stirred up a feud between his fans and fans of controversial female deejay Ishawna.

Bounty Killer in a post to his Instagram page on Wednesday sent a warning to fellow entertainer Ishawna, telling her not to perform her most talked about song, Equal Rights. The 'Warlord' said he does not support the message in Ishawna's song, and vowed to 'rush har' if she does not take heed to his warning.

"@mslegendary (Ishawna's Instagram name) cyaah sing da song deh at this show, else mi a go rush har. Nuh kitten or catfish can nuh b....claat bother come because that cyah sing, else she cannot be on no more shows with me," he said in his post.

The post caught Ishawna's attention and she immediately responded, telling Bounty Killer to 'bring it on', seemingly unmoved by his threats.

"This festive bad," she posted. "Mi never know me and Killa a guh war dung a Portland next week? Bring it on Rodney! #equalrights," she continued.

A social media firestorm was ignited following the posts by both entertainers, with their fans lashing out against each other, showing support and standing behind their entertainer of choice.




"Relax yuh self and mek di young lady strive. Yuh sing wah yuh want sing bout, and mek she do har thing. Why yuh taking it personal," one Ishawna fan said as she reacted to Killer's post.

"The general has spoken. One General, full a moral, unuh think a sea coral," one Bounty Killer fan said as he defended the entertainer's stance.

However, patrons will have to wait until Labour Day to find out whether Bounty Killer will act on his word to 'rush' Ishawna if she decides to perform Equal Rights. But promoters of the show are not leaving anything up to chance.

Claudia Minott, organiser of the show, told THE WEEKEND STAR that while she does not believe anything negative will go down at the show, she has already begun putting extra security in place should things go awry.

She also revealed that since the controversy unfolded between the two main acts on the show, she has seen an increase in ticket sales and is now expecting a larger turnout than was originally expected.

"I booked Ishawna some three to four months ago before the song and before the controversy. Even after the song was released and things started to heat up where she was concerned, I never thought about if she sings it what would go wrong and I still don't," she said.

"I don't think anything is going to happen because I believe both entertainers are professionals. I am happy for the controversy and the attention all this is bringing though because my phone hasn't stopped ringing and ticket sales have gone up. People are expecting a great show and I believe they will get that."

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