Rita Marley praised for staying with Bob through cheating

May 25, 2017
Rita Marley

DJ Vlad, a popular deejay in the United States, says Bob Marley's widow, Rita Marley, deserves credit for staying with the reggae legend despite his infidelity.

“It is about the bigger picture. Bob Marley’s wife stayed with him the whole time. Bob Marley was still married when he died and how many kids did he have outside of that relationship? But she saw the bigger picture outside of that relationship," DJ Vlad said.

Marley fathered at least 11 children, three with his wife, Rita.

 DJ Vlad was speaking with rapper Boosie about the importance of the nuclear family in the music industry. The interview was aired recently on VlADTV.com.

Boosie said that not all women are able to look past infidelity. He also gave credit to Rita for her strength and even said he respects women who forgive their spouse for cheating.

“You know how many people see the bigger picture? Bob Marley’s wife is a solider. You know how many people not seeing the bigger picture? ... I respect the woman who takes the cheating man back,” he said.



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