Vegas mourns murder of mentally challenged nephew

May 26, 2017
Mr Vegas

Popular entertainer Mr Vegas is lamenting the lack of information coming forward from the public about the murder of his nephew Cleveland Smith.

"It just sad to know that him grow up there inna di community and people see and know wah happen to him, but a just Jamaica dat, still. People a go keep dem lips tight and you can't really blame people, because people fraid other people brand dem as informer," he said.

Smith, who in 2015 chopped entertainer Munga Honourable, was killed two weeks ago in Ackee Walk, St Andrew.

Munga was questioned by the police in connection to the murder, but was released without charge.

Vegas said Smith was having mental issues.

"He was going real crazy, a look up inna sun and all that," he said. "I think someone laced his weed and it mash up him head."




Vegas says the family, particularly Smith's mother, is heartbroken, especially because they tried to get him committed to a mental institution.

"Him mother broken because is her one boy pickney. She have three girls and one boy, so she a go feel dat and worse, she did go up a UC (University Hospital of the West Indies) fi try get dem fi come help him, and dem say she must go to the police," she said. "The day before him dead, she go to the police dem and di superintendent a tell a next police fi go fi him and carry him go up a UC; and the police weh di superintendent tell fi dweet a say him have supm'n fi do and dem kill di woman son di next night."

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