Stylex gets endorsement from Shaggy

May 27, 2017
Shaggy performing at Magnum New Rules


Stylex, the 'Fatty Boss' is today joyful after receiving a huge endorsement from internationally acclaimed recording artiste, Shaggy.

Shaggy on Thursday reposted a video of the Me Love My Fatty singer freestyling his latest song See Weh Dem Live and compared his flow to another artiste, Tiger.

"Mi nuh know who da deejay yah!! But him BAWD!!! Style remind me of Tiger," the Mr Boombastic singer said in his post.

Shaggy's post started a discussion in the comments section with persons not only agreeing that Stylex sounded like Tiger but also pointing out his breakout song 'Me Love My Fatty' allowing Shaggy to figure out who the deejay was.

"Wait a him do the fatty song," Shaggy enquired. "Him baaaaaaawd! Refreshing to mi ears! I'm officially a fan. Dem yute ya need fi a get more feature star!"


A me icon


When contacted, Stylex told The STAR that he was excited when he heard about Shaggy's posts.

"My boss dem tell me bout it because I was working at the time (the post was made) but me feel good bout it man. A Shaggy dat innu," he said.

"Shaggy a one a me icon innu so me excited bout the love and support. It's a good look when an icon is paying attention to your stuff. Dem man deh nuh pay attention to just any and anything innu so it must be good if him notice it."

Hugh 'Gutty Bling' Ho-Young, producer of See Weh Dem Live, told The STAR that he was equally happy when he saw the post and is hoping that a collaboration between the two can materialise from the connection.

"Shaggy know bout him now. Is a call me get from foreign say Shaggy a talk bout him innu so it's a good look," he said.

"If a collaboration come from this, that would be great because Stylex is a talented artiste and deserves every success."

Stylex is also hopeful for a collaboration with the Grammy-award winning artiste stating that if it were to materialise it would be one of the best collaborative works to date.

"If him link me fi a collaboration that would be one of the best collaborations innu because me put drama to my song and Shaggy have da same kinda thing deh," he explained.

"Memba a him sing di Church song innu so him is a drama man too, him like dem storytelling supmn deh like me."

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