Dre Tosh pays tribute to grandfather in new song

June 02, 2017
Dre Tosh

Dre Tosh, grandson of reggae royalty Peter Tosh is hoping to garner even more success from his debut single, 'Coming In Hot'.

The song, which was released back in December, has been enjoying heavy rotation in the United States and has made its way on to several music charts in different states. It recently entered South Florida's Top 25 Reggae Chart at number 24, ahead of Sizzla's Beautiful Sunshine, and steadily climbed to the number nine spot on The Foundation Radio Network's New York Top 30 Music Chart. This was after it spent some nine weeks on the New York Top 30 Music Chart.

The music video for the single debuted on Wednesday at the Peter Tosh Museum, and Dre Tosh's team is hoping that with the release of the visuals, the song will become a worldwide hit.


Big push


"The music video is a great video, and I believe it will give the single a big push, especially when the video is released in other countries," he said.

"I have a whole lot of respect for my heritage and my country, which is why I chose to release both my debut single and music video in Jamaica first."

The singer went on to explain that the video was shot in some parts of Jamaica that hold a special place in his family.

"It was shot across Kingston in areas such as Trench Town and at Belmont in Westmoreland where grandpa was buried," Tosh said.


Own mark


Tosh, who celebrated his 23rd birthday yesterday, said he wants to use his music to pay respect to reggae legends, but also wants to make his own mark in the genre.

"My style is new age rebellious. So I rebel by doing what it takes to get the message out," he said. "The storyline is, I take up a cassette that says Red X [a term synonymous with Peter Tosh's documentary on his life], and I start listening to that and everything starts to come to me as the third generation Tosh. This video is just saying that I am ready to take up the baton."

Released on the Calibud Music label, Coming In Hot is a rendition of Peter Tosh's original song released in 1981 on his Wanted Dread & Alive album. The song features Peter Tosh's vocals on the chorus and Dre Tosh's voice on the verse.

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