It was an old car - Marvin The Beast sets record straight on vehicle damaged in video

June 02, 2017
Dancer Marvin The Beast
Marvin the Beast puts the moves on this Japanese dancer.

Dancer Marvin The Beast wants the public to know that the car he was dancing on in a recent viral video is an old car that was no longer being used by its owner.

This comes after social media users blasted the entertainer for moving to what some described as a 'whole new level of madness' with his dance routines.

In a video that has been circulating across all the social media platforms since last weekend, Marvin The Beast can be seen dancing with a female companion atop the roof of a parked car. As the dance routine reaches its peak, Marvin can be seen slamming the female dancer on to the roof. As a result of the impact, the vehicle was severely dented and the windshield cracked.

Social media users wasted no time going in on the dancer, stating that if it was their car the dancer would have to fork out funds to have it repaired. The video received so much attention that it was shared by America rapper Snoop Dogg.

Having caught wind of the social media attacks, Marvin sought to set the records straight.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that sometimes social media can jump to conclusions without knowing the facts, and pointed out that the vehicle was old and belonged to selector and party promoter Hotta Rice.

"It's an old car. We did deh a Day Rave Thursdays, and the car belong to the promoter Hotta Rice. A car weh abandon, and nobody nah use it," he said.

"Everybody good. Nobody nuh page me bout it. Me and Hotta Rice good cause is an old car. I wouldn't be dancing on people car like that because I wouldn't want nobody dancing on my car like that. Marvin is careful in whatever him do while entertaining. We don't destroy people's stuff."


Executing his routines


The dancer admitted that sometimes he gets a little carried away when he is executing his routines and things may be damaged in the process, but he said that whenever that has happened in the past, he has always replaced or repaired the damaged items.

"Anything weh might accidentally get destroyed, I pay for it. Like this one time in America, I was dancing with a girl and the roof of the building got damaged because I was dancing on top of the soundbox and mi head lick up, and me replace it," he said.

"Me see inna di social media say people a go sue me fi car. People always a talk things weh dem don't know. When me see it me just laugh because social media always a talk when it comes to me. Every and anything dem talk bout. Fi dem eyes a go always see things di next way, not the right way when it comes to me, and me nuh have no problem wid dat."

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