Boom Boom denies rumours Sizzla beat him up

June 03, 2017
Boom Boom

Popular dancehall selector has denied rumours that he was beaten by entertainer Sizzla.

In a post that has been making the rounds on social media, Boom Boom's bruised face can be seen with captions alleging that he was physically assaulted by entertainer Sizzla for playing Ishawna’s controversial song, ‘Equal Rights’.

However, when THE STAR spoke to Boom Boom, the selector who is currently in London, says he and Sizzla are good and expressed shock at the post, especially because of the reasons it alleged he was beaten for.

“Mi nuh really know a who do da supmn deh say Sizzla beat me up fi play Ishawna song Equal Rights.. The world know me nuh play certain song whether man do it or woman do it so certain song nuh deh inna me laptop,” he said. “Me and Sizzla nor no artiste nuh have no beef. As far as I can see is just somebody weh wah seek attention so dem just try dem likkle foolishness and have it all over pan social media.”

Boom Boom revealed that the photo was taken all the way back in 2010 when he met in an accident. He said he is not pointing any fingers at Ishawna’s supporters but doesn’t understand why the person who made the post would point to that specific reason to explain his bruises. 

“Me play Ishawna song dem and me and Ishawna good but the song weh name Equal Rights, Ishawna know me nah go play dat cause me a youth nuh support certain things a my event dem weh me a play. Gage did have a song name Dung Inna Your Throat and the world know say a me buss Gage and me never play that song one time,” he said. 

When THE STAR reached out to Sizzla, a member of his team confirmed what Boom Boom already explained. The representative said he believes the rumour was pinned to Sizzla because he has always been vocal about certain issues.

“The song (Equal Rights) a create problems and yuh know Sizzla a fiery artiste who address those issues and a lot more stuff so I guess that’s why dem use him,” he said. “But a just rumour still. From the so-called victim a say nothing nuh go sop wah dat tell yuh. Nothing nuh go so cuz right now we nuh even deh a Jamaica.”

Boom Boom pointed to a recent video of himself in the UK has been posted on his Instagram page to show all the fans that the rumours circulating are just that. 

“A just some badmind, grudgeful and envious people make dat post fi start supmn. Sizzla tell me say just make a video and post it to me gram fi make everybody see wah gwaan. Boom Boom aright, me good.”


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