Freaky video upsets selectors

June 09, 2017
DJ Banka
Tall Man
DJ Banka

Some selectors are expressing shock and disgust at an Instagram video featuring two naked women performing anilingus, which is oral sex of the rectum, while in the midst of a party called Day Rave that was held in Greenwich Farm, Kingston 13, recently.

The one-minute freaky video features head-turning acrobatics mixed with graphic sexual images, as well as cheering spectators.

The video, which currently has more than 53,000 views on Instagram and well over 600 comments, starts with a woman gyrating her body, while another female approaches her and proceeds to put her in a foetal position before using her tongue to stimulate her rectum.

In a section of the video the selector could be seen standing with a microphone in his hand, toasting to the activities.

"I couldn't finish watching it. Dem too disgusting and vulgar. I could never go to a party and let someone do that to me. First time they used to say men don't respect women, but it's clear that some women don't respect themselves. And why would you expect a man to respect this type of behaviour?," a Instagram user commented.

DJ Banka, who was handpicked as one of the selectors in the video by rival selector Foota Hype, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he was taken by surprise by the women's actions. He also said he does not support such behaviour

"It was a Day Rave party, and the promoter booked some topless girls. The party was so packed that I didn't notice that the girls were doing their thing. I called them over and we had a dancing contest. Anyway, mi a play the music and me see a girl start wine pon a girl. I never really have nothing bad to say about it and I never expect that it would have reach so far," he said.

"I was surprised. But it was a selector name Little Shabba who took the mic and hype dem up, not me. None a dem something deh never call up pon my name yet, and I am very respected in the streets. Dem just tek mi by surprise. I never saw that, and I will never support that type of thing."

Di Unit Sound System operator, Tall Boss, who brought THE WEEKEND STAR's attention to the video, noted that the footage was not a reflection of dancehall. He also warned selectors about supporting such actions by patrons.

"That is totally wrong, and that is not reggae music. That type of thing must only happen in clubs, but it does not and should not have a place in dancehall. I nah go beat the selector dem because maybe they were lost in the moment, but Di Unit would never support something like that. If something like that is taking place at a dance we are working, we would disperse that. Go to Palais Royale or Taboo. Go to your bedroom with that," he said.

In 2014 Alkaline released a song called Touch You, which endorsed oral sex of the rectum. However, Tall Man believes sexual agenda are being pushed too much by the dancehall community.

"I think we are pushing the sexual boundaries too far. It has to stop right now, and the selector dem have to play dem part. Me and the selector dem good, but it seems like some of dem lick dem head," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

But Tall Man is not alone, as New York-based selector Ricky Tuffy also bashed the video. He said he is comfortable being old-fashioned.

"These are the things why I rather stay in my 90s lane. Mek dem call mi old man. These things are not related to music. What this nonsense have to do with entertaining patrons?," he asked.

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