Khago 'blood a boil' ... upsets vloggers, defends freaky songs

June 13, 2017

Khago has released a diss song aimed at online vloggers who have reviewed his recent controversial songs negatively on the Internet.

Titled Kill Vlogger, the record sees the reggae/dancehall artiste using some harsh words to describe popular vloggers Facebook Hero, Rawpa Crawpa, SouFloTv and CMR TV.

SouFloTv, who Khago called a go-go dancer, said Khago is simply seeking a


"The whole song was not worth pen and paper because it's a weak song. I do strip on the side, I dance for women. I take off my clothes for women. So the only way Khago could know that I strip is if he visited a male dancers club. What are you doing in a male club Khago? I know it's all for publicity so mi nah guh look pan it like him serious with even his gun talk," he said.




Rawpa Crawpa said Khago should respect vloggers since their reviews are valuable to the music industry.

"The industry has changed and any music drop online if it don't go through the vloggers, it's like it lost. So we should be respected. A nuh me alone do review about the freaky song dem weh him put out. I reviewed your songs dem fair and a nuh like mi try style yu," he said.

Dr Love, whose sexuality was questioned by Khago in the song, says Khago has no right to speak on somebody's sex life.

In an email sent to THE STAR, he also said he would be taking legal action against Khago for the statements.

Khago's attack on the vloggers came after their review of his songs Long Gun Boy and Come Inna Mi Place, which were branded as subliminal pro-oral sex records online.

He told THE STAR that he was giving vloggers a taste of their own medicine.

"Sometimes they go too hard and sway the mind of the fans by saying negative things. A man up and down sometimes, and not everything is supposed to be said in the media. When you do good songs, they ignore it, but they want to highlight negative things and tear you down," he said.

Khago says his recent songs reflect clever writing and should not be misjudged.

"This is the best of my career since Nah Sell Out. I want vloggers to know I respect them, Dr Love and all. But if you throw me under a bus, I will throw you under a trailer," he said.

Khago said artistes who are calling his songs freaky, must mind their business and go make some hit songs.

"Stop saying I said what I did not say. Alkaline support anilingus (oral sex of the rectum) and unno accept him," he said.

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