Farewell, Frankie Paul

June 19, 2017
Copeland Forbes looks at Frankie Paul's body on Saturday at the Olson Memorial Church on God,Hope Road, St Andrew.
Luciano, whose tribute to Frankie Paul included 'Sweep Over My Soul'.
Junior Sinclair of the Jamaica Association of Vintage Artistes and Affiliates (JAVAA) paying tribute to Frankie Paul in song.
Half Pint singing Frankie Paul's 'Alesha', which is on the same rhytm as his own 'Greetings'.
George Nooks sings in tribute to Frankie Paul.
Frankie Paul's sister, Tisha Clarke delivers the remembrance of her brother at his funeral on Saturday.
Tears stream down the face of Miriam Clarke, sister) of the late Paul 'Frankie Paul' Blake during the late singer's memorial service, held at the Olson Memorial Chuch of God, Hope Road, St Andrew, on Saturday.

On Saturday, singer Paul 'Frankie Paul' Blake was buried, after a service of thanksgiving for his like at the Olson Memorial Church of God on Hope Road, St Andrew. Members of the music industry to pay their final respect, mostly in song.

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