Sean De Vere puts experiences on album

June 19, 2017
Sean De Vere

Sean De Vere finished third in season eight of the popular Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition. Now two years later, he has released his debut album, 'I am Sean De Vere'.

The nine-track set features production work from the likes of Chris Rokk (Haad Rokk Muzik), Good Fellas Production, Peak Music, and Kswizz Music.

Released a month ago via One Hundred Degrees Records, the album, according to Sean, was inspired by his life.

"The name of the album was inspired by me, displaying my versatility and the different sides of my persona. Thus, the title I am Sean De Vere," he said.


The tracks on the album are One Don, Guy Next Door, How Long, Feel Bout You, Eye Pon Me, Empty Space, Market, Don’t Run Away and Eric (Bad Influence).

He explained that Eric (Bad Influence) is his favourite track on the album.

"My personal favourite is Bad Influence. To me, it’s the most relatable song on the album, and it also speaks to a personal experience of mine," he said.

It has only been a couple years since he was in the popular talent show, but Sean says he has grown since entering the competition. 

"Tremendous growth so far. Compared to where I was in 2015, my fanbase has grown. I am now signed to management overseas, and I’m putting in a lot of professional work as well," he said. 

A video for the album’s first single, Bad Influence, has been released, and Sean said it is a reflection of the song.  

"The video was inspired by the song. The song was inspired by personal experiences from high school and the clichés of attending an all-boy institution. It is common in society where we see young men being led astray by peers and getting caught up in a life of 'badness'. The video was shot and directed by DaVinci Studios," he said.

So far, the deejay has received positive responses to the album.

"The feedback so far is overly satisfying and positive.  There is something on the album for all ages. People around the world are purchasing the songs.  Places like Singapore, Australia, Germany, Canada, United States, etc, which is very good for a young artiste like myself," Sean said. 

I am Sean De Vere is available at online digital outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, SoundCloud and Pandora.

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