#suicidal, #falsealarm

June 19, 2017

An Instagram post by dancehall artiste Kalado yesterday caused some fans to reach out to the entertainer, encouraging him to stay strong. A single photo captioned with the hashtag #suicidal was enough to raise an alarm, with some users urging the artiste to seek help before it's too late. However, the entertainer is assuring fans that he is fine.

In December 2016, Kalado revealed that he struggles with depression and contemplated suicide at one point. He described the period as him going through "a dark tunnel", but said he saw the light at the end of it and decided to push through. The Bad Inna Bed deejay admitted that perhaps his previous admission to having suicidal thoughts was what triggered an alarm for some persons, but said that was then and, he is no longer in that frame of mind.

"Things look good and Kalado happy. Me songs Bounce and Bruk Foreigner a gwaan good, and me have a few more things fi drop soon," he said.

Kalado told THE STAR that aside from a few personal issues, he is OK and does not want people reading too much into his post. "At the end of the day, this is my life, nobody can't see my pain or feel my pain or know my sorrows. I am going through some things but everybody go through things but dem also go past it too," he said.

"A lot of people post a lot of things on dem Instagram. A man will get up and post murderer under him picture, don't mean him kill anybody. You can't pay attention to everything on Instagram, sometimes people just a say things, it nuh that serious."

"There is no need to worry, I'm good. I was in a place, but mi deal wid it and move on," he said, urging others to do the same.

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