Vybz Kartel's brother-in-law working to get big break

June 19, 2017
Frass Hill
MC Nuffy (left) poses with Frass Hill.

Up-and-coming recording artiste Frass Hill is the brother of Vybz Kartel's babymother, 'Shorty', and was poised to join Vybz Kartel's Gaza camp before the World Boss' incarceration.

But that was not to be.

Frass Hill has since received a record deal from overseas-based record label Sophia B Records and is now set to make it on his own, under the guidance of seasoned MC and artiste promoter Andrew 'Nuffy' Nelson.

The deejay, who delivers his lyrics with a similar cadence as Vybz Kartel, told THE STAR that getting a break in music is no easy task.




"There is no ending in this struggle, but wi just a continue do it. It is costly doing street promotion. Look at this, we have people who travel with us in the streets, and if the artiste don't have his own transport, he has to charter a taxi. Same time, if you want to get your song played you have to pay again, because, at the end of the day, everybody is working, even the females that dance at the parties," he said.

Frass Hill says young artistes are faced with a tough task since brand development takes investment.

"As a newcomer, you have to have money. I have been getting some airplay, and that feels like a joy. I just want a hit right now. To me, every song that I release feels like a hit, but it's all about the right timing and the amount of resources we put into the product," he said.

As for his affiliation with Vybz Kartel he said, "Shorty is my blood sister, and Vybz Kartel big mi up in two songs. Frass Hill is and was a part of Gaza, but it's just because certain thing never get to materialise as yet. At the same time, I can't sit down and depend pon Shorty. I always have her support and I have been working," he said.

Frass Hill also gave credit to Nuffy for recognising his talent, noting that the MC helped to expose his talent by sharing his music on his social media pages.

The deejay has been getting favourable reviews for his latest efforts, Mi Know She Know and Hello Miss.

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