Matterhorn vows to support 'jacket' despite ridicule

June 28, 2017
Tony Matterhorn

Since news emerged last week that popular selector Tony Matterhorn wasn't the biological father of a three-year-old girl he has been taking care of since birth, the entertainer has faced a huge amount of scorn and ridicule.

But the popular selector is saying enough is enough as he lashed out at all those who have sought to make fun of his situation.

"All a who a talk bout Matterhorn get jacket, unu go sort out unu life and do DNA pan unu self cuz a nuff a unu mother give unu to the wrong father," he said laughing. "At least me take out mine an find out the truth, nuff a unu a jacket and nuh know."

Matterhorn told THE STAR that since he found out the paternity, he has had mixed emotions.

"It has been bittersweet so far cuz part a me happy and the other part sad. Me happy seh me nuh affi deal wid her (the child's mother) nuh more, but sad because I am the only father that little girl knows," he said.

But Matterhorn expressed that DNA or no DNA, he will be a part of the child's life.




"A nuff man out deh a mine weh a nuh fi him, me a nuh di first and won't be the last. A me dat likkle girl know as her daddy so nothing nuh change where she is concerned. I am going to be there as long as she need me. The only thing weh change is that her mother can't drag me through nuh court and she can't even look pan me," he said.

Matterhorn, who addressed the issue for the first time publicly on the weekend, told THE STAR that he kept the issue out of the spotlight as much as he could to shield the child from any of the negative attention.

But he said that proved difficult as his popularity caused the situation to attract more attention than necessary.

"A child is in the middle of this whole thing, and at the end of the day, me want protect her from everything," he said. "She is just three years old and innocent in this whole thing. The only thing weh will keep me from that child is her mother, and if she decide that, me just affi go work wid it."

Matterhorn had advice for women who continue to drag men through the court system for child support, particularly when the men are trying.

"Make sure yuh 100 per cent sure seh a him a di father because a you ago look like the fool when the results come out and say otherwise," he said. "If you and di yute no deh again and him a try, don't use the child as a weapon; you might nuh like the endgame."

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