Nothing romantic between us - Romeich insists he isn't in a relationship with Shenseea

June 28, 2017
Romeich Major (left) and Shenseea.


A post made by Shenseea on Monday where she was pouring out her heart to her manager, Romeich, sparked conversation on whether the two had more than a manager-client relationship. The chatter was, however, silenced by Romeich, who told THE STAR that while he maintains a close relationship with Shenseea, it is nothing romantic.

"We are not a couple. We close, yes, but not a couple," he said.

Rumours began swirling around about the two, finally opening up about the status of their relationship following Shenseea's post. In a mushy tribute, Shenseea said she was lucky to have the businessman as her manager, and thanked him for pushing her beyond her limits while referring to him as 'MINE'.

After setting the record straight, Romeich told THE STAR that he maintains a close relationship with all the talents he manages, as he is determined to get them to the highest level in the industry.

With that said, he revealed that Shenseea recently signed a two-year contract with Pepsi, and is officially the company's newest ambassador.

He did not give any details, pointing out that the arrangement was still fresh.

"Pepsi said that they had something huge doing for the summer and they wanted someone fresh, exciting, and has a great image, and who else but Shenseea? They took her as ambassador in a second, and signed a two-year contract with her," he said.




This new deal follows her recent contract with FLOW Jamaica.

Romeich, having secured contracts for his clients with several companies in corporate Jamaica in recent times, told THE STAR that while he has seen an increase in the number of persons interested in being managed by him, he has his hands full at the moment and is totally dedicated to his current clients.

He pointed out that all his clients have now signed on with different companies, including Digicel, FLOW, Guinness, Sperone Moscato Jamaica, and now Pepsi.

With that said, he told THE STAR that he believes there is something about Romeich Entertainment that is very appealing to corporate Jamaica.

"My company is filled with great ideas, and we are the masterminds behind a lot of corporate campaigns. I give the best quality for great prices and I love dancehall music and I believe in it. I love to see our brand grow with our artistes," he said.

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