Police not ignoring Bridgez assault case - CCU head

July 12, 2017

The police are adamant that they have not been giving entertainer Bridgez the runaround and are dealing with her assault case with utmost professionalism.

The entertainer, who was attacked at a pan chicken spot on Red Hills Road last Friday night, expressed shock at the police's decision to release her attacker.

When THE STAR sought an update on the matter, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, head of the Constabulary Communications Unit, explained how the entertainer may have been led to believe that the police weren't taking her case seriously.

"What I think needed to happen was that it needed to have been explained to her that when she went to the police station she was bleeding, and there is a protocol that says when you come to the police station and you're bleeding, they (the police) are conscious and will only take some pertinent information from you and ensure that you go and get medical attention," she explained. "They will not sit and record a statement while you're bleeding."


Medical attention


Lindsay said Bridgez was taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies by a police unit, but when she got there, she said it was taking too long and went back to the police station still bleeding. So she was sent back to get medical treatment again.

Lindsay further explained that by the time Bridgez received medical attention, the officer who was on duty when she initially went to the police station had completed his shift and they advised her accordingly.

"Maybe that's where the blunder occurred because somebody could have recorded her statement on his behalf, but eventually the statement was taken and she was informed that investigations are being carried out," Lindsay said.

Lindsay said the artiste was informed that there are two cases of assault currently being investigated as the man who attacked her also filed an assault report.

She also said Bridgez would be kept in the loop on any developments in the case.

When THE STAR spoke to the entertainer, she confirmed that the police had explained the reasons behind the delays in taking her statement, and said she has been informed of the current investigations.

She said that her primary focus now is on recovering from her injuries.

"I just wanna move past all this now. I want justice to be served and I don't wanna dwell on this. I am focused on getting better, lying down and resting," she said.

Bridgez, given name Bridgette Roache, is known for songs including Put It On Me, Distracted, and Roll Out, featuring Bounty Killer.

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