Devin Di Dakkta Hits Billboard

July 14, 2017
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta

In less than a year, dancehall artiste Devin Di Dakta has accomplished what most entertainers hope for.

After recently securing a Grammy nomination, the artiste has secured yet another major accomplishment after his collaboration with Rock group Electric Guest made its Billboard debut on the Rock charts.

The song, Oh Devil, which features Devin Di Dakta on the chorus, is among the top 50 tunes on the Top Rock Songs Chart coming in at number 47.

An overjoyed Devin Di Dakta credits his successes to his team's international focus.

"That's where our focus was, on the international market. We all know Jamaicans don't really buy music certain way, so to get a certain level of success, you have to focus on the international market," he said.

"The way I have been writing and everything is all about targeting that market. If you follow me, you will realise that I'm not releasing as much music because we a try make that transition and we want to give each song its chance to get there."

Now, that the song has received enough international attention to get it on the Billboard Charts, Devin says his team will now focus on getting the song regular rotation on the local airwaves.

Devin says he is grateful for the opportunity to have partnered with Electric Guest and revealed that the collab came about after the Rock group saw his work on YouTube.

"They said they came across my work on YouTube and they liked my energy," he said. "They reached out to my manager and set the link. We got the beat and we did the chorus, gave it to them, and they mixed and released it."

The song is available on Spotify.

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