Niko Chromatic anxious to work again - But deejay still sidelined by kidney illness

July 15, 2017
Niko Chromatic


Deejay Niko Chromatic returned to the turntables last Friday but has made it clear that he is still very ill.

"My medical condition is not 100 per cent, I'm not fully back. I just did that event because it was Chromatic's first official Chromatic party and me did affi show support," he said.

Niko Chromatic, who was diagnosed with renal failure in 2015, temporarily took over the controls at the inaugural staging of the Appleton Special Chromatic Live held at Mas Camp.

"I'm still on the dialysis machine twice a week. I understand the sickness a little more and so I try to do things that will keep it under control. I'm still working on getting a surgery done because I'm yet to do that."


Financial help


After "privately battling kidney disease" for some time, the deejay last August launched an appeal, via GoFundMe, a crowdfunding website, to financial help.

"It was very hard for me to go public with this and ask for your help but I am doing so at the encouragement of family and friends, with the hope that everyone who sees this will help in whatever way you can. Any contribution at all that you make to me is deeply appreciated," the GoFundMe post read.

Some 257 people have contributed US$ 20,475 (approximately J$2.6 million) in 11 months, way short of the US$50,000 that was targeted. The last donation was received seven months ago.

Niko told THE STAR that the donations have been tucked away in an account, but says it is not enough to offset the cost of surgery.

"I'm grateful for all the support I have received since they heard about my situation," he said.


Generous donations


"I am thinking about going to Cuba or the United States for the surgery, and based on research, it is going to cost around US$70,000 (nearly J$9 million) with the cost of the surgery, accommodation, airfare and other miscellaneous expenses. The generous donations allowed us to raise US$20,000 (just over J$2.5 million) and we don't even touch that money. We're hoping to raise some more and we are working on the rest of the money, independently also."

The deejay says he wishes he could go back to work and says persons have shown an interest in booking him for shows, especially after his set at Chromatic Live, but says with the seriousness of his condition, he doesn't want to rush into anything.

"If I coulda work I woulda start work already but I want when I come back, I come back for good," he said.

Despite everything that has happened, the deejay remains positive.

"Sometime when you do something you don't know if people will support you but I'm really thankful for the support I got from the people and the music industry. Their support was one of the things that really kept me going," he said. "Just by people posting and re posting or sending up a prayer I was overwhelmed that so much people actually cared."

For those who still want to help the ailing deejay, he says his GoFund Me Page is still active.

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