Chi Ching Ching eyes international market

July 26, 2017
Chi Ching Ching

Dancehall artiste Chi Ching Ching has been relatively quiet on the local music scene for the past few months, and the deejay said that is due to him joining Grammy-winning artiste Sean Paul on tour.

Already, the deejay has visited countries such as Hungary, Croatia, Norway and Finland. And after making his mark in these countries, he is eyeing a possible crossover.

"Being on tour with Sean Paul open up my eyes to music in a different way. Me see now seh we nuh need fi a fight over dancehall here, but need to find a way to get dancehall out there to the people," he told THE STAR. "Chi Ching Ching see a way how him can put dancehall music out there, and me a go do that. Dancehall is a powerful thing. Me go out there and see it. The way me talk alone, people just gravitate to that. Me just want the dancehall entertainer dem fi unite and make dancehall music more powerful."




The entertainer, who was called on stage during Sean Paul's set at the recently concluded Reggae Sumfest, said he is grateful for the exposure touring with the artiste has granted him.

But the entertainer said he was not signed to the Grammy-winning artiste's label.

"We are just working together. I'm still signed to Unruly Entertainment, and I'm just working with Sean Paul because we are good friends. Him just a give me a strength inna di music and me appreciate it," he said.

Chi Ching Ching then revealed that his upcoming album, Turning Tables, will be revealed under Sean Paul's Dutty Rock label.

"This is an experience Chi Ching Ching was always open to having. Me and Sean Paul have a song out name Crick Neck, and that's the song that gave me the opportunity to be touring the world with him," he said. "This is the beginning for Chi Ching Ching. I'm taking things slow and building the right way. Me a take me time and a make me links like the last chain."

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