Junior Reid to launch One Blood Festival

July 29, 2017
Junior Reid

Reggae legend Junior Reid, is looking forward to host the first staging of his One Blood Reggae Festival in 2018.

According to the veteran artiste who has had much success internationally, the festival is the brainchild of his ambition to give back to the music industry. He also stated that his recently held birthday celebration concert was a means of testing his promotional skills.

"We will now convert my earth strong party to a bigger festival so we all are looking forward to that big One Blood fest in 2018. We have already started to book major artistes for that event and things are looking progressive". Reid said.

Publicist for One Blood festival Denzie Frass, told The STAR that Reid's decision will bring some amount of balance to the music industry.


Giving back


"We have more artistes than shows in Jamaica; therefore this event is good for the culture and the entire music industry. This is the way we want to see reggae and dancehall artistes giving back to the genres which have helped them to feed their families over the years and Mr. Reid deserves much credit,"he said.

According to Denzie, judging by the success of Junior Reid's recently held birthday concert which featured Bounty Killer, it is clear that the singer has the skills to wear the hat of event production and marketing.

"His party/concert was the ice breaker and it was a huge success. I believe he knows what it takes to host an event, and from early indications I can tell that the One Blood Festival has a far way to go. The name One Blood is not just a normal name, it means unity and that phrase has been a staple in the music industry both locally and internationally. So already I think the event has a ring to it and music lovers will be drawn to the brand," he said.

The One Blood Festival will be held in St. Ann in June and will focus on both reggae and dancehall music.

"Trust me, the music industry needs this event," Denzie said.

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