Western Ja parties at Smirnoff Tropical Village

August 02, 2017
McPherson sisters Mayah (left) Melisza chilling out at Arctic.
Tameika Miller is beaming with confidence as she parties at Baywatch.
Nikki Z is all dolled up at STV Soca Rave.
Sheldon Adams is sandwiched by Latoya Dickson (left) and Italeta Tyrell.
Partygoers (from left) Sashalee Henry, Nicole James and Lishelle Dias enjoy Baywatch.
Jason Hendricks, brand manager for spirits at Red Stripe, is spotted at STV's Artic.

Smirnoff has partnered with some of western Jamaica's top promoters to host Smirnoff Tropical Village (STV).

The world-renowned vodka brand is on board once more for what has been dubbed the ultimate party 'stay-cation'.

The party series creates a top-class atmosphere for patrons at an affordable cost.

STV Soca Rave and STV Arctic Ultimate Summer Chill were both held on Saturday, July 29, at Bourbon Beach and Chances Beach, respectively.

STV Baywatch was held on Sunday, July 30, at Chances Beach.

Here are some highlights of all three parties.

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