Industry welcomes JCDC's support of street dances

August 04, 2017
Boom Boom

Music-industry players have welcomed the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's (JCDC) decision to endorse all of the island's popular street dances this year.

They said that support from the JCDC is way overdue and more government-affiliated bodies should be helping to develop the music industry instead of tearing it down.

"We think it is a nice move and it helps the youth and young artistes. Last night (Wednesday night), one of the Festival winners performed at Weddy Weddy, and it went well. We are backing JCDC 100 per cent, and they are doing some excellent work," Dwayne Pow of Stone Love told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He is also batting for a reggae/dancehall carnival, citing that Trinidad and Tobago's government has taken soca under its wings and so, too, should the Jamaican Government.

"I would encourage more government people to come on board and do things like this because music brings tourists to the island. We just need to push our culture and create things like a reggae/dancehall carnival. The crime rate a rise; the youth dem need help. Give them something to do. Help build the music so more youth can come out of poverty," he said.

Resident selector at Uptown Mondayz and Boasy Tuesdays Boom Boom also welcomed the JCDC's bold move.

He said that tourists are tired of the sand and sea and are now looking to bask in Jamaica's rich culture.

The selector said that the influence of the street dances ought not to be underestimated since they dictate what is hot in Jamaican music outside of commercial radio.

"This is good for dancehall and should have happened long time. A full time dem understand that a dancehall and reggae tourists coming to Jamaica for. Uptown Mondayz pull up to 4,000 people each night, and 2,500 out of that a tourist. They come in their buses and they are well taken care of by the people. We teach them how to dance and show them the real Jamaica," he said.

Boom Boom also pointed out that artistes like Bounty Killer have managed to keep a strong presence in dancehall due to his support of the weekly street dances.

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