Marcy Chin unleashes sultry single 'Ride'

August 04, 2017
Marcy Chin

Singer Marcy Chin is betting on the success of her latest single 'Ride' which she believes is going to be a banger.

Written by the diminutive sexpot and producer Kunley 'Da Kulprit' McCarthy, the song was recently released on the Billionaire Bootcamp Records label.

Chin, who recently returned from a self-imposed hiatus, describes Ride as a bold expression of woman's ability to love deeply and passionately through eroticism.

"My producer and I wanted to make a genuine, authentic dancehall club banger," she told THE WEEKEND STAR. "(It's) A song with the right kind of grooves which make a woman just want to buss a wine as soon as she hears it."

Chin said in her own experience going out in the last few years, there have been fewer and fewer dancehall singles that represent the very core essence of dancehall.

She said Ride is targeting true hardcore dancehall fans "who actually understand the true essence of the genre and culture."

"This is for the people who have long since forgotten what the point of dancehall is. This is for the entire world to see that there still is a lot of life left in the genre. My target is everyone old enough to have good wholesome adult fun. My hopes for the song is to the win the hearts of genuine fans of dancehall around the world and spark fresh fire for the culture," she said.

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