Martei promotes new single

August 04, 2017

'Agonizing' is the new musical offering from Danish-Ghanaian reggae singer Martei.

Produced by Delroy 'Phatta' Pottinger, Agonizing also features drum and bass legends Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, who were also instrumental in the production, making it even more lush and captivating.

Pottinger said he has known Martei for a long time and they had always talked about doing some work together.

"And now we have found the right track. This is a New Age steppers' version of a lover's rock that I used to listen to, so we worked with the Studio One concept, but everything is fresh; we made it 'dubby', like a cross between King Tubby's and Studio One," he said.

Agonizing depicts a lucid and intimate connection between two souls. The singer reminds his listeners that it is important to take control of their lives and live it, instead of just letting it pass them by.

"The song is about stopping and taking the time to engage, wake up and smell the coffee as opposed taking a passive approach to life and romance, and also leave space for magic," said Martei.

Martei hopes to lyrically connect with his Jamaican fan base and the world by refreshing people's ears with his soulful take on reggae music.

He has made Jamaica his home for over a decade now, fully immersing himself in the culture that has captured his heart from as long as he can remember.

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