Spice demands crown - Industry insiders agree that she is the new Queen of Dancehall

August 04, 2017
Ray Alexander
Herbie Miller, director-curator Jamaica Music Museum.
Dancehall artiste Spice

Following her impressive performance at Reggae Sumfest, dancehall artiste Spice has proclaimed that she is the new Queen of Dancehall, a spot usually occupied by Grammy Award-winning deejay Law Saw, who now is now a gospel artiste, performing under her real name, Marion Hall.

Spice, who made the claim on her official Instagram page, also said she wants her Reggae Sumfest money to be doubled next year.

"Mi feel so proud a mi self and hype a little bit. Thanks to my fans. I love you all. Big up the rest of the artistes who I heard also did exceptionally well. The new Queen of Dancehall, who vex join me August 4 (today) to celebrate my birthday at Oneil's Place Car Park," she wrote.

But is Spice really the Queen of Dancehall?

Artiste manager and booking agent Ray Alexander told THE WEEKEND STAR that Spice has proven herself to be worthy of the crown.

"The Queen of Dancehall has to do with dressing and the performance. She has proven herself over the past two years because she has been dominating this generation. I don't understand why it is so hard for Jamaicans to crown new kings and queens. I mean, from somebody claim the title generations ago, it's like they are afraid to acknowledge a king and a queen of a next generation," he said.

The manager also said he believes Queen Ifrica should be crowned the new Queen Of Reggae since she has been the most dominant female reggae artiste for a long time.




Curator of the Jamaica Museum, Herbie Miller, said Spice can be crowned 'Queen' since Lady Saw has skipped out on the dancehall genre. He also believes the younger generation should be given the chance to create their own legacy.

"Who is challenging her as a risque artiste that the genre thrives on? I see where she is very much accepted locally and internationally. Dancehall is often given a bad rap, but so is any form of art that is new. I think a lot of positive things are happening for Spice right now, and with Lady Saw out of the mix, she does have a strong claim," he said.

Miller, although a veteran himself, also admitted that persons from his time are reluctant to let go of their past kings and queens.

"It's unfortunate that we tend to be a one trick pony. Whether it might be King Don Drummond, King Bob Marley or the Kings of the Skatalites, things and times have changed in ways which the older generation could never understand. We must allow the youth to become kings and queens in their own right," he said.

However, legendary producer Clevie of the duo Steely and Clevie, said he prefers when the kings and queens are chosen by the public instead of self-proclaimed kings and queens. He, however, noted that Spice does have a strong impact on dancehall. The producer, who toured with Prince Dennis Brown, said the late legend did not give himself the title.

"I toured with Dennis, and it's the only artiste I literally see people faint for like pop artistes. So Spice has a strong impact yes, but I don't want to be the one to make that call," he said.

Spice celebrates her birthday tonight with a party for a queen at Oneil's Place, which is located on Hagley Park Road, St Andrew.

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