Usain, the Gaza man

August 05, 2017
Usain Bolt
Vybz Kartel

Sprint legend Usain Bolt has never been shy to show his respect for Vybz Kartel's music and the Gaza camp.

In 2015, a video surfaced of the sprint king urging selectors to play only 'Gaza songs' during a segment at Uptown Mondayz.

"A weh yuh wah mi do, pay yuh?" he said before throwing $1,000 notes on top of the turntables. The selectors then gave in to Bolt's request, playing a number of Kartel's songs, including Which League, to which Bolt sang along.

Resident selector at Uptown Mondayz, Boom Boom, later told The STAR that Bolt's action was all in the name of entertainment and should not be take too seriously.

Aside from flashing Gaza signs in front of the camera after his numerous victories on the track, the star athlete also found time to put dancehall artistes, who have sought to copy Vybz Kartel, in their place.

At another Uptown Mondayz event in 2015, Bolt classified Vybz Kartel, impersonators as copy cats. He also said he was anticipating the release of Kartel, who is serving a life sentence for murder in Jamaica.

"All when him incarcerate and an easy himself. When the boss come a road, hear mi a seh? I will be downtown for the Gaza boss, hear weh mi seh," Bolt belted over the microphone.

Before his incarceration, Vybz Kartel told The STAR that he was humbled by Usain's respect and said that his endorsement helps the Gaza brand.

"Bolt is my dupes from morning. Remember, Bolt is a youth who used to train up a Mona dem time deh Vybz Kartel a wear jersey. He has been a fan from long time. Usain is a man who respect Kartel. Vybz Kartel is a man who respects Usain Bolt. He has seen the growth that Vybz Kartel has made, and right now a just straight Gaza him a sey. A man in Africa knows who Usain is, they don't necessarily know about Gaza or the Portmore Empire. He's a big personality, and he gave a big-time big-up, and it was on one of the biggest stages," Vybz Kartel said.

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