Dre Larenz banking on his versatility

August 08, 2017
Dre Larenz

Reggae artiste Dre Larenz is hoping his energy, style and message will be welcomed by the music industry.

The artiste is now promoting a record titled Burning.

"I am bringing the evolution of roots music to the industry. I am heavily influenced by reggae and hip hop. I mix those two elements along with other genres of music and add my own flavour. I never stick to one genre of music. I try to keep it as versatile as I can," he said.

The artiste is banking on his versatility to win new fans and is hopeful that Jamaicans will buy into his talent, literally.

"Fans should support my music because I believe it has a certain flavour. A vibe that can't be denied. I have so much music in my arsenal and I can't wait to share it with the world. Words can't explain how I feel about my music, but I make sure that I follow the old tradition of having a message in every one of my songs. That is what the legends taught me " he told THE STAR.

As for the poor sales of Jamaican music from local acts, the youngster advised them to do more collaborations with artistes across the globe.

"We can compete with international acts by staying up to date with the latest trends and being able to incorporate that trend with your own style. We can compete with the acts by also predicting the next trend. Everything repeats itself, so we will have to go back in time and study the game," he said.

The artiste will be filming a music video for Burning.

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