Patrons rise early for Solar Breakfast Party

August 08, 2017
Shantelle Jones (left) and Jossy Azofiefa looking fashionable at Tropical Bliss.
Enjoying the vibe (and some cool coconut water) are (from left) Patrick Fuller, Keisha Fuller, Samantha Broomfield and Rohan McKenzie.
The lovely quartet of Jamellia Studdart poses with Peta-Gay Davis, Malika Bernard and Alexia Trail hanging at Tropical Bliss in Montego Bay on Sunday.
(From left) : Davian Alexander, Sashagay Cooper and Shana Besley out for some fun.

It was the best way to start Independence Day.

Partygoers who ventured out west spent the morning of Sunday August 6, felt free-spirited at Solar Breakfast Party, held at Tropical Bliss in Montego Bay.

Good music, good food and the feeling of no work on a holiday weekend made for a fun time.

Here are some of the highlights.

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