Ras Astor Black wants to create reggae village in Trelawny

August 08, 2017
Ras Astor Black

Politician and TV host Ras Astor Black wants to establish a reggae village inside the Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium that he hopes will attract cruise ship visitors who stop over at the Falmouth pier in the parish.

"The cruise lines are bawling out for attractions close to the cruise ship pier. Everything they are doing, they have to travel far away from the pier, like to Ocho Rios or St James, so they need something really close," he said.

Black envisions that, as part of the attractions, patrons would get a gastronomic experience with music, a reggae walk of fame and daytime concerts, where cruise ship passengers can have fun while learning about Jamaica's culture in proximity to the ship.

"We have all of the paperwork together so that we can have our attraction licence by the second Tuesday in next month; that is when the board meets again," he said.

It is hoped that with the establishment of the village, it will also help to attract more ships to Trelawny.

"This will play a big role in getting more ships to visit the Trelawny pier," Black said.

With the creation of the reggae village, Black said that the aim is to recruit young adults to develop their skills in their area of interest and later hire them.

"We hope to employ 150 young adults; we also have a skill training centre for high-school graduates who want to get involved in arts and craft, culinary arts, music and edutainment," he said.

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