Is Kasanova alive? - missing deejay's Instagram post raises hope

August 09, 2017

Since news emerged that dancehall artiste Kasanova has been missing, rumours have been circulating that the entertainer is dead.

Those rumours were somewhat laid to rest on Monday night via an Instagram post, allegedly made by the entertainer himself.

The post said he is not dead and points to persons trying to harm him as reasons for his disappearance.

"Took this picture this afternoon. Feels great to be free. Feels great to be able to smile. Feels great to be out of bondage. Never wound something unless you intend to kill it because it will only come back with untempered vengeance," a part of the post read. "I am thankful and deeply humbled by the support shown during my state of dilemma ... This is a serious issue and I am currently under police protection and investigation."


No further updates


The Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) had issued a statement following the deejay's disappearance, stating that the matter was being investigated.

Following the most recent Instagram post, THE STAR contacted the CCU which said it had no further updates.

Checks made with the Cross Roads police, where a missing persons report was first filed, also turned in no new information regarding the entertainer's whereabouts or whether the investigations had led to any tangible leads.

Checks were also made with the Portmore Criminal Investigative Branch, which revealed that the officer who may have any information regarding the deejay's case was on vacation leave.


Personal life


Kasanova, whose given name is Ariel McIntosh, hails from Cumberland in Portmore, and was reported missing on Thursday, July 20.

Reports are that he was last seen in the Cross Roads area. A few days before he went missing, Kasanova left a message on his Instagram page, which alluded to problems he was facing in his personal life.

"It will all end soon. Rather die a free man than live in bondage," the post read. "There comes a time when you have to lose your life to live your life and lose all in order to win the one thing that matters most, Freedom."

Following the post and reports that he was missing, many speculated that the entertainer may have been murdered.

No member of the entertainer's management team or family could be reached for an interview.

However, in his Instagram post on Monday, the deejay said he would be available for interviews once the situation blows over and he feels safe again.

"When I am free, I shall be featured on various interviews to explain this despicable situation I found myself in. God bless," the post read.

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