Vybz Kartel helps Dutch Lamont to get buzz

August 09, 2017
Vybz Kartel
Dutch Lamont

UK-based dancehall artiste Dutch Lamont is getting quite some buzz for a new single called 'Woman A Cry For Me', featuring Vybz Kartel.

The song features Dutch Lamont, deejaying a kinetic vintage Vybz Kartel flow on a juiced-up rock and roll influenced rhythm.

"The song is burning up mixtapes in the UK and even in the dances, so it's really a good look. We shot scenes for the video in May, so, next week, we are going to add a few more dancing scenes, and release the video this month. I have been doing music for years now, and I am very excited to see that I am finally making progress," he said.

Dutch Lamont has been friends with Vybz Kartel for almost 20 years. Lamont grew up in Jamaica where he attended Ewarton Junior Secondary School before moving to live in Gregory Park. He became friends with Kartel and started doing music, performing on shows like Sting 93, and Sting 94, under the name Garfield Lover. He migrated to the UK in 1999.


International tour


He got busy raising a family, and music faded into the background. However, in 2015, he began to do music again, releasing Miss Hottie Hottie, alongside Gully Bop, and changing his name to Dutch Lamont. That song was recorded, produced, and filmed in England, while Bop was on his first international tour.

Last November, he re-released his rock-influenced rhythm on his label, Crazy Rock Music.

"I remembered that I had a Vybz Kartel on the rhythm, so I wrote some additional lyrics and released the song, and the buzz is incredible. Vybz Kartel is a trendsetter and the standard for modern dancehall. He endorsed my rhythm. A mi long-time friend from Portmore, and mi thank him for the strength," he said.

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