I didn't mean any harm - Facebook Hero comes under fire for 'long breasts' video

August 11, 2017
Facebook Hero
Facebook Hero

Internet sensation Facebook Hero says that he did not mean to offend anyone with comments made in one of his recent Instagram videos.

Facebook Hero came under fire from some social media users, who felt that his latest video was body-shaming women as he lashed out against women with "long breasts''.

"If yuh have yuh breast and yuh kill mosquito inna ur back wid it, no long breast," he said in the post as his supporting actors in the skit chanted "no long breasts'' in protest style.

Some users were not pleased with the topic the comedian chose to joke about, stating that some women have issues with their bodies and do not need to be reminded or mocked publicly about what they cannot control.

"A wonda if him know seh some a him fan and supporters dem have long breasts. Mi nuh bex wid di hero, enuh, but sometime when it comes to jokes bout body image and dem sum'n dere, sometime yuh haffi tek a pass," one user commented.

"Ya work with Dr Miami? Make woman feel comfortable inna themselves," another posted.

However, in an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, the comedian says that he was puzzled by how seriously some social media users were taking the video as he meant no harm and was just having fun.




"I'm a comedian. This is what I do. Mi never expect some people fi take it so serious because a just joke mi a joke," he said. "I apologise if the video offended anybody, but people haffi understand when people a run jokes. So as comedians, we can't run certain jokes? When people start take things so serious? Me never mean it no way, and if di woman dem never did a behave like hypocrite, dem woulda see that."

The entertainer pointed out that comedians have long used body image as a talking point for jokes, and said that he had come under fire for something female comedians do as well.

"The woman dem weh a complain a play hypocrite because a long time dem favourite female comedian a come out and a talk bout di man dem private and seh 'no likkle b**dy', but nobody did a complain bout that," he said.

"I wasn't body shaming women. My mother have long breasts because she have kids, and she watch the video and never have no problem. Mi never mean it no way."

Facebook Hero, who was in an apologetic mood during the interview, was on the defensive following the lashing on Instagram as he answered users who bashed him, threatening to even block some of them.

"Mi did haffi defend it because people just did a take it too personal," he said. "It's just a joke. Looking back, I could have handled it differently, and so mi apologise if it did offend anybody."

Facebook Hero noted that his apology had nothing to do with fears that he might lose followers as he was well aware that his videos are not liked by some.

"I don't care if I lose followers because of my videos because a nuh everybody a go like yuh. Me have over 100,000 followers, and me a grow every day," he said. "I know who my audience is, and I plan to move Facebook Hero from social media and turn it into a brand."

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