J Links uses social media to push career

August 11, 2017
J Links

Highlife is the latest single from newcomer J Links. The song was released a month ago and is creating a buzz on social media. The accompanying music video has racked up more than 37,000 views in just a month.

Highlife was produced by Westmoreland-based Collaboration Recordz, while the video was directed by Richard Brown.

Born Jeffery Kerr, J Links is from Little London, Westmoreland. The deejay was inspired to follow his musical pursuits from an early age, as his father was an entertainer who performed under the name Starbert.

"I have been doing music professionally for just a little more than a year now since I signed with Collaboration Recordz. I do not limit myself to one genre of music as music is too diverse for me to only categorise myself as a reggae or dancehall artiste. I want to do all types of music and I am willing to work with producers from all around the world," J Links said.

Like most emerging artistes, J Links hasn't had an easy journey.

"My musical journey was not an easy one at all. I can recall days when I would go to the recording studio way before they were even thinking of signing me to the label, and they had a lot of artistes coming to the studio back then. They would record other artistes who were way better than me, and I used to think that I was the worst and the other artistes use to get more attention than me. But I used that as motivation to work harder on my craft," he said.


Higher heights


"Coming from what they say is the 'country' in Jamaica, it's very hard to get the attention you really deserve. But I will use the Internet to my advantage so that my work can be heard. Music is all I have right now. It is the only thing that can make me become the man I want to be so that I can make my parents proud and will be able to take myself to higher heights."

After being hospitalised for a few months due to injuries he suffered while swimming, J Links decided to make music his top priority.

"While I was working in the tourism mecca of Negril, I have seen numerous tourists come to the country just to enjoy themselves, whether for vacation or running from problems back home where they are from or just to clear their minds to relax. That was my main inspiration, and as a workaholic myself, I have realised that life is too short for us not to enjoy it," J Links said.

He has also collaborated with reggaeton artiste Deep Fancy from Dominican Republic on Whine Up, and Montego Bay-based Dane Hype for Amazing.

Other upcoming releases include Dark Side, Anything You Want, Special Girl, and Hardcore. J Links is also working on a mixtape for release later this year.

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