K Swizz wants to capitalise on dancehall's int'l buzz

August 11, 2017
K Swizz

Controversial beatmaker K Swizz believes that 2017 will be the year he will unleash a new sound to revive dancehall music.

He is of the view that Jamaican producers are not capitalising on the gravitation towards Jamaican music internationally.

"Right now, dancehall is getting a lot of international attention with huge stars using our sound, but apart from locally produced songs like Fever making it to the Billboard R&B [chart], we are yet to capitalise on that. The producers need to raise their game and their production values if they want to compete internationally," he said.

K Swizz, whose real name is Kemoy Mair, is the producer credited with the breakout 2015 hit song, ATM, that was done by Alkaline.

"A me set the ting with ATM, and other producers copy my sound. A lot of people in the industry told me I changed game," he said.

The beatmaker thinks he has a lot more to contribute, but he is of the view that established artistes are not keen on recording for producers who don't have the financial muscle to dominate radio stations and weekly parties.

"Maybe because I don't have the deep pockets to put that muscle behind promotion, I am not getting that respect to show what I can do, but music is more than that. I am a musician. I have ideas that can push the game forward," he said

Known for his public altercation with Konshens at Mojito Mondays following a sour business disagreement, K Swizz, who still claims self-defence in the matter, reluctantly gave a brief comment on what caused the confrontation. He also said he has moved on with his life.




"The link got disconnected, and I had an unreleased track, and he revoiced the songs for other producers, and Konshens cut ties with his management so the link cut off. Konshens has moved past that. I have moved past that. The artistes in the industry still hail me up when they see me. Me and everybody good," he said.

The producer is currently working on building his catalogue with records like Alkaline's Carry You Far and Can't Get a Love Like This, featuring Bobby Valentino. His catalogue also includes I-Octane's Jiggle Fi Me and Vybz Kartel's Fatter Than A Pound and Dumpa Truck, as well as Elephant Man and Ishawna's Take it.

"I am working on a new rhythm called Transient, on which I have recorded Grip Me, my first official single as a recording artiste. People have always seen me as a creative person from years ago when I put on a tribal tattoo in my head, so it is time to broaden my horizons," he said.

K Swizz will also be releasing a mixtape titled Art is Time this summer.

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