Khago believes 'bad mind' people robbed his house

August 11, 2017

Entertainer Khago recently invited his female fans to 'come siddung inna him place', but it seems the invitation was taken up by robbers.

The deejay revealed via his Instagram page on Tuesday that thieves had raided his home in Mandeville, Manchester.

According to Khago, who is currently overseas, this most recent incident marks the second time in recent times that his house has been targeted by thieves.

"Second time now them bruk mi house in Mandeville, Manchester. People, Mandeville is not safe. Don't feel it's a nice place. Man them dig up mi house," he said in one post.

"Sorry the day I tek 3 million an buy land a Mandeville, not like am from that side of town," he lamented in another post. "I never yet feel at home in it. Waste over 50 mil or even more," he continued.

The deejay pointed to bad mind as the reason behind the break-ins, stating that the community members target him because of the size of his house.

"People up there all seh dem know mi use to sit on street and beg other people to sleep in their house, so how I come to have the second biggest house in Manchester," he said.

"The amount of time they send police in 2012 to stop my house, saying Khago a sell coke and sell gun."

THE WEEKEND STAR tried to reach Khago for further comments on the break-ins, but was unable to get through to the deejay. Calls and messages to his phone went unanswered.

Checks made by THE WEEKEND STAR with the Mandeville police also did not turn in any information.

Deputy Superintendent Wade said the police cannot confirm or deny the incident as they have not received any official reports of a break-in from the deejay or any member of his family.

Since his Instagram revelation, the entertainer has been receiving huge support from his followers, with some encouraging him to sell the property and be done with it.

Others have sought to comfort the deejay by revealing break-in stories of their own and how they overcame the incidents.

While some users offered words of advice and expressed sympathy, at least one user took the opportunity to mock the entertainer.

"Di man dem wah siddung inna ur place," the user said, using lines from his most recent controversial song, Siddung Inna Mi Place. The song caused a social media firestorm back in May as persons bashed the entertainer for supporting oral sex.

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