Fiction 2.0 up and running

August 15, 2017
Beautifully clad and awaiting the night's events are (from left) Amber Pinkerton, Gina Davis, Noni Storm and Asia Powell.
Models Thianna Feanny (left) and Jazmine Chung enjoy a long-awaiting girls night out at Fiction 'Reveal' on Saturday night.
Sharing a frame (from left) Shevan Timoll; Alicia Burke, Pulse model; David 'Squeeze' Annakie, CEO of Fiction 2.0; Walter Derrig-Fennell, international model; Andrew McGlone; and DJ Kevin Crown, guest disc jockey from New York City.
CEO of Fiction 2.0 David Annakie hangs with American TV celebrity Vanessa Simmons.
These 'statues of gold' models could not resist to bust a move while at Fiction's official launch on Saturday night.

The Fiction Nightclub, now Fiction 2.0, opened its doors with an invitation-only soft-launch event weekend, which was extended to media and entertainment personalities on Thursday, August 10.

The ensuing Friday and Saturday nights were jam-packed.

The venue has increased capacity from 800 persons to a space that can now accommodate 1,500 persons, and attendance could have been over the number on both nights.

The newly decorated in-vogue style of the nightclub, from the upper level to the bathrooms, with matched quality service and entertainment, excited all patrons.

Fiction 2.0 will continue to include live-music entertainment as well as planned weekly and weekend events featuring both local disc jockeys, which were highlights of the weekend relaunch and reopening events.

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